Study the web page structure of competing web pages.

You can use the Site Analyzer in Competition Strategy Studio to study the web page structure, page content and even the keyword distribution of competing sites.

Web Page Structure, Competition Strategy Studio Site Analyser

The following are the contents of the lower panel in Site Analyzer.

Page Text - Search Engine Spider View / SEO Page Text

Shows you the exact web page content (text) with out the codes and scripts. This is what the search engine spiders see.

Keywords - Web Page Keyword Distribution

Displays the keywords used in the web page along with the number of times (frequency) each keyword phrase occured.

Headings - Web Page Heading Structure

Shows you the headers (h1, h2, h3, etc.) in the web page. Use it to check if the web page has a good heading structure and to improve the page headings.

HTTP Header - Inspect the HTTP Header returned by the Server when the page is requested.

Allows you to examine the http header returned by the web server. Use this to check for correct contect types, cookies, redirection codes etc.

HTML - View The Actual Web Page HTML

Use this to view the actual HTML of the web page. Use it to look for comments, hidden keywords etc,