Learn How To Instantly Create Powerful Headlines!

Your web page headline is the most important factor that determines if your site visitor stays or bounces away. A compelling headline will have him or her wanting to read more. An uninspiring headline will cause him or her to immediately go away!

How To Make Your Web Page or Blog Post Titles Unique and Interesting

Here is a simple tip to make your web page titles unique, interesting and search engine friendly!

Use Keyword Strategy Studio to find various news headlines, social media posts etc on your topic.

Can you create a better titles? Make sure that your title is unique and better.

Looking through these titles will also give you more ideas about keyword phrases and also ideas about topics you may want to discuss in the future.

How do you write good headlines?

The truth is, powerful headline creation ideas are all around you.  It is very easy to improve your existing headline to one that really works!

  • Before you decide to change your headline, you should determine the target market the headline is meant for.
  • Write down the most powerful benefit your product or service offers. Think your product has too many benefits? Learn about the different types of headlines to decide which benefit should be highlighted in the headline.
  • Be specific and avoid generality. A headline that says some thing very general is not going to attract any one because they would have seen it all before. There should always be a unique or specific benefit mentioned in the headline.
  • A headline should make the reader want to continue. Create multiple headlines and do an A/B test to find the best one. Then create new ones and try to beat the old headline.

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