Why Emails From Your Customers and Forums Posts Related To your Business Are Extremely Important for SEO!

It is no longer easy to find relevant information on the Web!

How many times have you found it difficult to find the right information on the web? It simply is not easy to find something through a search. You end up doing a large number of searches, always getting thousands of search results, but none with the right answers.

The problem is aggravated because of a large number of web pages that exist for the simple purpose of making you click a Google Adsense link. There are millions of Made For Adsense (MFA) pages out there!

Is your product or service difficult to find?

Having a product or service that solves a customer problem is very good... but, you also need to let your customers know that you have the solution.

Most people try to achieve this by doing a keyword research and then optimizing their web pages for those keywords.

Are You Speaking In Your Customer's Language?

Unfortunately, your web pages may not describe the problem and the solution the same way a prospective customer would describe his or her requirements.

This is exactly the reason why people fail to find what they are looking for. Prospective customers search for solutions using the terms they know. They don't do a Keyword Research to find which keywords to use!

How do you Learn Your Customer's Language?

Start looking through the customer emails, third party forum posts and blog comments (note: comments, not the posts!) to see how people phrase their questions.

  • Do you see keyword phrases you haven't thought of?
  • Do you see other ways to express the problem and your solutions to the problem?

Add frequent customer queries to your FAQ section and provide the answers. This not only reduces the number of customer support queries, but also provides a direct way to make your web pages contain web-copy as a customer would present it.

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