Why Creating a "Target Market Snapshot" Will Help You Develop Better Performing Web Pages

A very common question we get asked is... How do I know which keywords to target?

Keywords are the means by which your customers find you. So, knowing your target market is the first step towards identifying the right keywords.

Do you know who your ideal customer is?

Perhaps you do... Do you take that into account when you create and plan your website marketing strategy?

Here is a simple tip...

Create a snapshot view of your ideal customer. Always keep it handy and make use of it whenever you do any keyword or SEO research.

Here is what you do...

  • Write down the description of the product / service including the customer problem the product attempts to solve.
  • Define the market, including the demographics
  • List the direct and indirect competition.
  • The basic sales plan - How are you going to reach the customers
  • List the top sales implementation plans you will be executing.

Take a hard-copy print of everything.

Always keep it in front of you while you use Keyword Strategy Studio or any other SEO related resource. Try and think like your customer and check if your web page headlines and copy makes sense.

What Next?

Create a list of 10-20 keyword phrases that relate to your product or service. Make other lists containing the top competing URLs and web page titles for these keywords.

Check if your own web pages contain these keyword phrases. These should be in page titles and the main headings. Modify your web pages accordingly or create new pages. You can use the SEOLab URL Explorer in Internet Strategy Studio software suite to analyze your web pages, check the titles, descriptions and headings. Make sure that your web pages answer the questions your customers may have about the problem your product / service will solve.

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