Why Do people Search On The Web?

If you sell any product or service it is your business to get to know your customer. What are their problems? What kind of solutions are they looking for? What is on their mind when they search the web?

Imagine these two typical search scenarios...

  • Megan has a new pet parrot and is not sure if she can feed it peanuts. She is online to find out if it is safe to do so.
  • Some one told Roy about a new video store that has opened up nearby and is offering the first three rentals for free. He is now online to check if the video store has a website.

Both Megan and Roy are looking for answers to simple questions. Megan just wants to know if she can feed peanuts to her parrot. Roy wants the website address of a nearby video rental.

As we all know, human beings don't follow fixed patterns. So unless they are extremely disciplined individuals, both Megan and Roy are likely to do much more than just find answers to their simple questions.

Megan may come across a pet information site and sign up to receive periodic informational messages. She might even notice a useful book on the subject and order it from Amazon. She might also see an online pet store and order some toys for her pet parrot.

Roy might notice some blog about the new Star Trek movie, get interested and spend a lot of time browsing forums, blogs and forget all about the video store.

Wouldn't You Love To Help Prospective Customers Learn About Your Products?

At first glance, Megan wanted to know if she can feed peanuts to her new parrot. But is that all? Consider the following situations...

  • She is a new pet parrot owner and is very excited, wants to take good care of it. She is certainly interested in learning more about parrot care.
  • She got the parrot as a gift and is not completely sure what to feed it. She happens to have peanuts in the house and was wondering if it is OK to feed it to the parrot!

Wouldn't you love to help prospective customers like Megan learn everything about pet care from your petcare shop's website?

Get To Know Your Customer

As a Search Marketer, it is your job to identify the search scenarios that will lead prospective customers to your site. The above case is simple example of how an online search might take place and then proceed to a sale.

Importance of Long-tail keywords

It is also a good example of why you should include long-tail keywords in your web page copy. You might have optimized your web pages for keywords you think are very important. But, millions of people search the net looking for solutions to their immediate problems. They often come across web pages that provide additional information and offer other alternatives.

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