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Clean, Modify & Multiply Large Keyword Lists

Keyword Pad - Clean, Modify and Multiply Keywords

What Can You Do With Keyword Pad?

  • Remove duplicate keyword phrases from large lists
  • Sort keyword lists alphabetically or based on word count (ascending and descending)
  • Clean keyword phrases by removing words at start, end, in the middle or anywhere in the keyword phrase.
  • Clean keyword phrases by removing unwanted characters (even based on where they occur)
  • Search and replace words in a large keyword list.
  • Find and remove unwanted terms (at the start, end, middle, etc.) from each keyword phrase in your list.
  • Create and add common misspellings of existing keyword phrases in list.
  • Create large keyword lists by replacing a term with another and then duplicating the list. Perfect for creating long tail keywords!
  • Merge keyword lists.
  • Remove leading, trailing characters (punctuation, spaces or any other)
  • Remove repeated characters (for example, spaces)
  • Create larger keyword lists by recombining the words in the existing phrases.
  • Convert the keywords to upper, lower, First letters to upper, etc.
  • Create Google phrase, exact matched keyword phrases.
  • Add prefix and suffix words to every keyword phrase in your list.
  • Copy and move keywords between multiple keyword lists. The software supports loading up to 6 different keyword lists.
  • Export the keyword lists to text files.
  • Import large keyword lists from text files.

Why Do You Need Keyword Pad?

KeywordPad is a Windows software for managing large keyword lists used in your Internet marketing campaigns (organic search engine optimization, PPC advertisement campaigns, etc). You can also use it to generate long-tail keywords.

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