User Guide: Keyword Strategy Studio

Keyword Research is ultimately about knowledge - Knowledge about your target market, knowledge about your products & knowledge about your competition!

Here is a powerful software that will help you gain extremely useful keyword insights! Use it to find every important piece of information you will want to know while doing keyword research!

You can use Keyword Strategy Studio to research and Find Keywords that Identify New Niche Markets and Profitable Product Ideas By...

  • Monitoring Recent News Headlines
  • Social Media Chatter
  • Products that are Being Sold at online Shops
  • Products that are being Bid on at Buy-Sell Market Places
  • Web Page Titles Used by Top Ranked Web Pages

Looking for a New Blog Post Idea? See what is in the news or check what people are taking about.

Generating income from AdSense? Want to make a product review page and want to know the keywords that are popular?

Use Keyword Strategy Studio to find a wealth of information about the subject you are interested in...

For example, if you want to find keywords about digital cameras, you will want to know things like.

  • Models of digital cameras that sell well
  • Digital camera related products that are being sold through online bidding
  • Recent news headlines about digital cameras.
  • Recent social discussions (tweets) about digital cameras.
  • Web page titles that appear at the top of search engines results for "digital camera".
  • Hundreds of Semantically related keyword phrases.