Common Product Support Queries

Important Note: August 30 2013

Good Keywords v3 has been updated to support the CSV files from the new Google Keyword Planner. Please use the "Excel CSV format" while downloading the CSV files from Google Keyword Planner.

Unable to import CSV Files!

CSV Import will not work if the CSV data file saved by the Google Keyword Tool is not in the proper format.

To be able to use this properly, you should avoid a very common mistake while exporting the CSV file from the Google Keyword Tool. Please see the screen shot on the right.

Also, CSV files will not import if the software can't identify the headings in it. This normally happens because of language issues. If your language is not supported you can still use the software. Please see here.

If you continue to have problems, please attach a sample CSV file and email it to contact [at]

Important Note: May 17 2010

Good Keywords has been updated to support the new Google Keyword Tool. It should work properly with with the CSV files generated by the new version of the Google Keyword Tool.

You can download the latest version (Build date 17/May/2010) from here.

The Keyword Database Tool in Good Keywords v3, Keyword Strategy Studio and SEO Lab Professional will allow you to import the CSV files from the Google keyword Tool.

Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

Use the links on the left side to export the data. For best results, use "CSV for Excel".

Using Google Keyword Tool with English Interface

If you use the Google Keyword Tool in a language interface other than English, the resulting CSV files may not be recognized by SEO Lab Professional or the free Good Keywords v3. This is because the column headers in the CSV will be in a language the software can't recognize.

We do support many languages other than English. These include French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, etc. However if the language is not supported, you need to make sure that the Google exported CSV files contain the column headers in English. You can do this by setting the interface to English in the Google keyword tool. This is easy, just append "?hl=en" to the URL. Here is an example for the Hungarian keyword tool.

This will still allow you to set your market region, but will export the CSV with column headings in English.